"Ya Allah, jangan Engkau memberikan kepadaku
dari kenikmatan dunia yang terlalu banyak
aku tidak melampaui batas larangan-Mu.
Jangan pula terlalu sedikit sehingga

aku lupa kepada-Mu.
Sesungguhnya yang sedikit tapi mencukupi,

lebih baik bagiku
daripada yang banyak tetapi melalaikan"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You make me learn what love is??

First I saw you, you said love come without we know..

You told me that love is only one special feeling come from heart for the one you loved..

Love is different for each person..It’s same like love to Allah.. the first and last love..

Love just for the one that you feelings, belief and make you will stay forever with it..

Then you told me that everything you do for me are love..

Until the time came you leave me.. And you give the love for the others..

I thought love it’s like that..

But you forgot to teach me that love is never change where ever you are,

Whoever you are, how long you are staying..

Love is never change it’s same like love to Allah..

Finally, one thing I learn without you taught..

Whatever happens, I’ll stay for my love..Because love it’s a feelings which I cannot changed when I loved..

~By annie~

~Love to ALLAH SWT~